Sr. No. Paper ID Paper Title Year Domain Download
1. GZB00001 A Novel Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer based on ZigBee-based Communication 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
2. GZB00002 A Proposed Wireless System to Real Time Monitoring in Power Transformer 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
3. GZB00003 ART: Adaptive Frequency-Temporal co-existing of ZigBee and WiFi 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
4. GZB00004 Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Prototype System for Continuous Monitoring of Electric Fields Generated by Mobile Base Stations in The 850 MHz and 1900 MHz Frequency Bands 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
5. GZB00005 Ghost-in-ZigBee: Energy Depletion Attack on ZigBee based Wireless Networks 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
6. GZB00006 Interference-Mitigated ZigBee Based Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
7. GZB00007 Internet of Things in the 5G Era Enablers, Architecture and Business Models 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
8. GZB00008 Low-power wearable ECG monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
9. GZB00009 M2M Encountering Collaborative Localization via Instant Inter-Particle Filter Data Fusion 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
10. GZB00010 Opportunistic Shortcut Tree Routing in ZigBee Networks 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
11. GZB00011 wireless sensing system for flexible arrayed potentiometric sensor based on Zigbee module 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
12. GZB00012 ZigBee Wireless Dynamic Sensor Networks Feasibility Analysis and Implementation Guide 2016-17 ZigBee [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
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