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Sr. No. Paper ID Paper Title Year Domain Download
1. GNW00001 ZigBee Wireless Dynamic Sensor Networks Feasibility Analysis and Implementation Guide 2016-17 WSN
2. GNW00002 Has Time Come to Switch From Duty-Cycled MAC Protocols to Wake-Up Radio for Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
3. GNW00003 Hybrid Network Coding for Unbalanced Slotted ALOHA Relay Networks 2016-17 WSN
4. GNW00004 Intercept Behavior Analysis of Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Eavesdropping Attack 2016-17 WSN
5. GNW00005 Low-Cost Localization for Multi-Hop Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
6. GNW00006 Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy Using Affinity Propagation for Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
7. GNW00007 Markov Decision Process Based Switching Algorithm for Sustainable Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
8. GNW00008 Maximum-Profit Two-Sided Pricing in Service Platforms Based on Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
9. GNW00009 Mobile Coordinated Wireless Sensor Network An Energy Efficient Scheme for Real-Time Transmissions 2016-17 WSN
10. GNW00010 Multi-Path Link Embedding for Survivability in Virtual Networks 2016-17 WSN
11. GNW00011 Novel Design of Secure End-to-End Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
12. GNW00012 On Capacity and Delay of Multi-channel Wireless Networks with Infrastructure Support 2016-17 WSN
13. GNW00013 On energy hole and coverage hole avoidance in underwater wireless sensor networks 2016-17 WSN
14. GNW00014 On the Interaction between Scheduling and Compressive Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
15. GNW00015 Opportunistic Function Computation for Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
16. GNW00016 Optimal and Near-Optimal Cooperative Routing and Power Allocation for Collision Minimization in Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
17. GNW00017 Optimal Distributed Controllers Realizable Over Arbitrary Networks 2016-17 WSN
18. GNW00018 Performance Analysis of Incoherent RF Tomography Using Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
19. GNW00019 Rate-distortion Balanced Data Compression for
Wireless Sensor Networks
2016-17 WSN
20. GNW00020 RSSI-based Localization through Uncertain Data  Mapping for Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
21. GNW00021 Software Defined Management of Edge as a Service Networks 2016-17 WSN
22. GNW00022 Wireless Powered Sensor Networks Collaborative Energy Beam forming Considering Sensing and Circuit Power Consumption 2016-17 WSN
23. GNW00023 Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Set Cover Problem and Its Application to Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks2016(1) 2016-17 WSN
24. GNW00024 Energy-Efficient Localization and Tracking of Mobile Devices in Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
25 GNW00025 Energy-Efficient Clustering Using Correlation and Random Update based on Data Change Rate for Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
26. GNW00026 Energy Efficient Switch-based Packet Forwarding for Low Duty-Cycle Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
27. GNW00027 Energy Efficient Direction Based PDORP Routing Protocol For WSN 2016-17 WSN
28. GNW00028 Energy Efficient Beacon Based Synchronization for Alarm Driven Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
29. GNW00029 Empirical Path Loss Models for Wireless Sensor Network Deployments in Short and Tall Natural Grass Environments 2016-17 WSN
30. GNW00030 Efficient Charging of Access Limited Wireless Underground Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
31. GNW00031 E2R2 Energy-Efficient and Reliable Routing for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
32. GNW00032 Duplicate Detectable Opportunistic Forwarding in Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
33. GNW00033 Distributed Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks with an Interference Cancelling Fusion Center 2016-17 WSN
34. GNW00034 Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks A Combine-TSP-Reduce Approach 2016-17 WSN
35. GNW00035 Cost-Aware Activity Scheduling for Compressive Sleeping Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
36. GNW00036 Analysis of PKF A Communication Cost Reduction 2016-17 WSN
37. GNW00037 Analysis of a Subset Selection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks in Time-Varying Fading Channels 2016-17 WSN
38. GNW00038 Adaptively Directional Wireless Power Transfer for Large-scale Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
39. GNW00039 Adaptive and Channel-Aware Detection of Selective Forwarding Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
40. GNW00040 Accuracy-aware Interference Modelling and Measurement in Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
41. GNW00041 A Survey on Gas Leakage Source Detection and Boundary Tracking with Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
42. GNW00042 A Study on Data Loss Compensation of a Study on Data Loss Compensation of WiFi-based Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring 2016-17 WSN
43. GNW00043 A Decentralized Damage Detection System for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks 2016-17 WSN
44. GNW00044 A Clustering-tree Topology Control Based on the Energy Forecast for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
45. GNW00045 A Bayesian Perspective on Multiple Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks 2016-17 WSN
46. GNW00046 An Efficient Time Slot Acquisition on the Hybrid TDMACSMA Multi-channel MAC in VANETs 2016-17 VANET
47. GNW00047 Control Plane Optimization in Software Defined Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks 2016-17 VANET
48. GNW00048 Cooperative Data Scheduling in Hybrid Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks VANET as a Software Defined Network 2016-17 VANET
49. GNW00049 Cost-efficient Sensory Data Transmission in Heterogeneous Software Defined Vehicular Networks 2016-17 VANET
50. GNW00050 Dependability of Decentralized Congestion Control for varying VANET density 2016-17 VANET
51. GNW00051 Development and Testing of a 3GLTE Adaptive Data Collection System in Vehicular Networks 2016-17 VANET
52. GNW00052 DIVERT A Distributed Vehicular Traffic Re-routing System for Congestion Avoidance 2016-17 VANET
53. GNW00053 Dual Authentication and Key Management Techniques for Secure Data Transmission in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks 2016-17 VANET
54. GNW00054 Event Notification in VANET with Capacitated Roadside Units 2016-17 VANET
55. GNW00055 GeOpps-N Opportunistic Routing for VANET in a Public Transit System 2016-17 VANET
56. GNW00056 PTMAC A Prediction-based TDMA MAC Protocol for Reducing Packet Collisions in VANET 2016-17 VANET
57. GNW00057 REPLACE A Reliable Trust-based Platoon Service Recommendation Scheme in VANET 2016-17 VANET
58. GNW00058 Stability Challenges and Enhancements for Vehicular Channel Congestion Control Approaches 2016-17 VANET
59. GNW00059 A Novel Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer based on ZigBee-based
2016-17 ZigBee
60. GNW00060 A Proposed Wireless System to Real Time
Monitoring in Power Transformer
2016-17 ZigBee
61. GNW00061 ART: Adaptive Frequency-Temporal co-existing of ZigBee and WiFi 2016-17 ZigBee
62. GNW00062 Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Prototype System for Continuous Monitoring of Electric Fields Generated by Mobile Base Stations in The 850 MHz and 1900 MHz Frequency Bands 2016-17 ZigBee
63. GNW00063 Ghost-in-ZigBee: Energy Depletion Attack on ZigBee based Wireless Networks 2016-17 ZigBee
64. GNW00064 Interference-Mitigated ZigBee Based Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2016-17 ZigBee
65. GNW00065 Internet of Things in the 5G Era Enablers, Architecture and Business Models 2016-17 ZigBee
66. GNW00066 Low-power wearable ECG monitoring system for multiple-patient remote monitoring 2016-17 ZigBee
67. GNW00067 M2M Encountering Collaborative Localization via Instant Inter-Particle Filter Data Fusion 2016-17 ZigBee
68. GNW00068 Opportunistic Shortcut Tree Routing in ZigBee Networks 2016-17 ZigBee
69. GNW00069 wireless sensing system for flexible arrayed potentiometric sensor based on Zigbee module 2016-17 ZigBee
70. GNW00070 ZigBee Wireless Dynamic Sensor Networks Feasibility Analysis and Implementation Guide 2016-17 ZigBee
71. GNW00071 A Novel Approach for Efficient Usage of Intrusion Detection System in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2016-17 MANET
72. GNW00072 Development and Testing of a 3GLTE Adaptive Data Collection System in Vehicular Networks 2016-17 MANET
73. GNW00073 Distributed and Adaptive Medium Access Control for Internet-of-Things-Enabled Mobile Networks (2) 2016-17 MANET
74. GNW00074 Optimal Capacity-Delay Trade-off in MANETs with Correlation of Node Mobility 2016-17 MANET
75. GNW00075 Traffic Load Adaptive Medium Access Control for Fully-Connected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2016-17 MANET
76. GNW00076 A QoS-Oriented Distributed Routing Protocol for Hybrid Wireless Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
77. GNW00077 A Study on False Channel Condition Reporting Attacks in Wireless Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
78. GNW00078 Autonomous Mobile Mesh Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
79. GNW00079 Optimal Multicast Capacity and Delay Tradeoffs in MANETs 2015-16 MANET [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
80. GNW00080 RBTP: Low-Power Mobile Discovery Protocol through Recursive Binary Time Partitioning 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
81. GNW00081 Snapshot and Continuous Data Collection in Probabilistic Wireless Sensor Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
82. GNW00082 ALBA-R: Load-Balancing Geographic Routing Around Connectivity Holes in Wireless Sensor Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
83. GNW00083 Neighbor Table Based Shortcut Tree Routing in Zigbee e Wireless Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
84. GNW00084 Secure and Efficient Data Transmission for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
85. GNW00085 Secure Continuous Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
86. GNW00086 Transmission-Efficient Clustering Method for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Compressive Sensing 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
87. GNW00087 An Energy-Balanced Routing Method Based on Forward-Aware Factor for Wireless Sensor Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
88. GNW00088 Distributed Deployment Algorithms for Improved Cove rage in a Network of Wireless Mobile Sensors 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
89. GNW00089 R3E: Reliable Reactive Routing Enhancement for Wireless Sensor Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
90. GNW00090 Sleep Scheduling for Geographic Routing in Duty-Cycled Mobile Sensor Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
91. GNW00091 AASR: An Authenticated Anonymous Secure Routing Protocol for MANETs in Adversarial Environment 2015-16 MANET [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
92. GNW00092 PSR: A Lightweight Proactive Source Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
93. GNW00093 VSPN: VANET-Based Secure and Privacy-Preserving Navigation 2015-16 VANET [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
94. GNW00094 Joint Routing and Medium Access Control in Fixed Random Access Wireless Multihop Networks 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
95. GNW00095 Data Density Correlation Degree Clustering Method for Data Aggregation in WSN 2015-16 WSN [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
96. GNW00096 Defending Against Collaborative Attacks by Malicious Nodes in MANETs: A Cooperative Bait Detection Approach 2015-16 MANET [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
97. GNW00097 STARS: A Statistical Traffic Pattern Discovery System for MANETs 2015-16 MANET [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
98. GNW00098 Adaptive Position Update for Geographic Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. 2015-16 WSN
99. GNW00099 An Efficient and Robust Addressing Protocol for Node Auto- configuration in Ad Hoc Networks. 2015-16 WSN
100. GNW00100 BAHG: Back-Bone-Assisted Hop Greedy Routing for VANET’s City Environments 2015-16 VANET
101. GNW00101 Discovery and Verification of Neighbor Positions in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. 2015-16 WSN
102. GNW00102 EAACK—A Secure Intrusion-Detection System for MANETs. 2015-16 MANET
103. GNW00103 Enhanced OLSR for Defense against DOS Attack in Ad Hoc Networks. 2015-16 WSN
104. GNW00104 Optimal Multicast Capacity and Delay Tradeoffs in MANETs. 2015-16 MANET
105. GNW00105 A Rank Correlation Based Detection against
Distributed Reflection DoS Attacks.
2015-16 WSN
106. GNW00106 ALERT: An Anonymous Location-Based Efficient Routing Protocol in MANETs. 2015-16 MANET
107. GNW00107 Back-Pressure-Based Packet-by-Packet Adaptive Routing in Communication Networks. 2015-16 WSN
108. GNW00108 DCIM: Distributed Cache Invalidation Method for Maintaining Cache Consistency in Wireless Mobile Networks. 2015-16 WSN
109. GNW00109 Efficient Algorithms for Neighbor Discovery in
Wireless Networks.
2015-16 WSN
110. GNW00110 Opportunistic MANETs: Mobility Can Make Up
for Low Transmission Power.
2015-16 MANET
111. GNW00111 Proteus: Multi flow Diversity Routing for Wireless Networks with Cooperative Transmissions. 2015-16 WSN
112. GNW00112 Distributed Cooperative Caching in Social Wireless Networks. 2015-16 WSN
113. GNW00113 A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-
Based Wireless Patient Monitoring.
2015-16 WSN
114. GNW00114 Energy-Efficient Chain-type Wireless Sensor
Network for Gas Monitoring.
2015-16 WSN
115. GNW00115 Design, Characterization and Management of a Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Gas
2015-16 WSN
116. GNW00116 Context-Adaptive Multimodal Wireless Sensor Network for Energy-Efficient Gas Monitoring. 2015-16 WSN
117. GNW00117 Based on Zig Bee Wireless Sensor Network the Monitoring System Design for Chemical
Production Process Toxic and Harmful Gas.
2015-16 WSN
118. GNW00118 The Role of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) In Industrial Oil & Gas Condition Monitoring. 2015-16 WSN
119. GNW00119 The network nodes design of gas wireless
Sensor monitor.
2015-16 WSN
120. GNW00120 The Research of Carbon Dioxide Gas Monitoring Platform based on the Wireless Sensor Networks. 2015-16 WSN
121. GNW00121 Energy Model for H2S Monitoring Wireless Sensor Network. 2015-16 WSN
122. GNW00122 Design of Wireless Sensor Networks for Density of Natural Gas. 2015-16 WSN
123. GNW00123 The Application Research of Wireless Sensor
Network Based on ZigBee.
2015-16 WSN
124. GNW00124 Development of Novel Gas Detection Wireless Sensor Node. 2015-16 WSN
125. GNW00125 A NDIR-based CO2 Monitor System for Wireless Sensor Network. 2015-16 WSN
126. GNW00126 Development of a Wireless Integrated Toxic and Explosive MEMS Based Gas Sensor. 2015-16 VANET
127. GNW00127 Smart Sensors Network for Air Quality
Monitoring Applications.
2015-16 WSN
128. GNW00128 WEGES: A Wireless Environmental Gases
Electronic Sensor.
2015-16 WSN
129. GNW00129 On the Development of a Sensor Module for real time Pollution Monitoring. 2015-16 WSN
130. GNW00130 The Application of Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network and GIS in the Air Pollution Monitoring. 2015-16 WSN
131. GNW00131 Topology Control in Mobile AD HOC
Networks with Cooperative Communications.
2015-16 WSN
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