Matlab Project List 2013-14-15
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MATLAB Image ProcessingIEEE 2015-16-17 Project Titles List
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GML00001 A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret- Fragment- Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00002 An Efficient Parallel Approach for Sclera Vein Recognition Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00003 BRINT: Binary Rotation Invariant and Noise Tolerant Texture Classification Image Processing  
GML00004 Designing an Efficient Image Encryption-Then-Compression System via Prediction Error Clustering and Random Permutation Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00005 Digital Image Sharing by Diverse Image Media Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00006 Dual-Geometric Neighbor Embedding for Image Super Resolution With Sparse Tensor Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00007 Exposing Digital Image Forgeries by Illumination Color Classification Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00008 Fingerprint Compression Based on Sparse Representation Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00009 Hyperspectral Image Classification Through Bilayer Graph-Based Learning Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00010 Images as Occlusions of Textures: A Framework for Segmentation Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00011 Low-Rank Neighbor Embedding for Single Image Super-Resolution Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00012 Mining Weakly Labeled Web Facial Images for Search-Based Face Annotation Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00013 Phase-Based Binarization of Ancient Document Images : Model and Applications Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00014 Progressive Image Denoising Through Hybrid Graph Laplacian Regularization: A Unified Framework Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00015 Scene Text Recognition in Mobile Applications by Character Descriptor and Structure Configuration Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00016 A Unified Data Embedding and Scrambling Method Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00017 Characterness: An Indicator of Text in the Wild Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
GML00018 A Hybrid Multi view Stereo Algorithm for Modeling Urban Scenes Image Processing  
GML00019 An Optimized Wavelength Band Selection for Heavily Pigmented Iris Recognition Image Processing  
GML00020 Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation Using Complex Wavelet-Based Fusion Image Processing  
GML00021 Compressive Framework for Demosaicing of Natural Images Image Processing  
GML00022 Context-Dependent Logo Matching and Recognition Image Processing  
GML00023 General Constructions for Threshold Multiple Secret Visual Cryptographic Schemes Image Processing  
GML00024 Intra-and-Inter-Constraint-Based Video Enhancement Based on Piecewise Tone Mapping. Image Processing  
GML00025 Linear Distance Coding for Image Classification Image Processing  
GML00026 Log-Gabor Filters for Image-Based Vehicle Verification Image Processing  
GML00027 Query-Adaptive Image Search With Hash Codes Image Processing  
GML00028 Revealing the Traces of JPEG Compression Anti-Forensics Image Processing  
GML00029 Reversible Watermarking Based on Invariant Image Classification and Dynamic Histogram Shifting Image Processing  
GML00030 Scene Text Detection via Connected Component Clustering and Non text Filtering Image Processing  
GML00031 2-D Wavelet Packet Spectrum for Texture Analysis Image Processing  
GML00032 Adaptive Fingerprint Image Enhancement With Emphasis on Preprocessing of Data Image Processing  
GML00033 Analysis Operator Learning and its Application to Image Reconstruction Image Processing  
GML00034 Casual Stereoscopic Photo Authoring Image Processing  
GML00035 Context-Based Hierarchical Unequal Merging for SAR Image Segmentation Image Processing  
GML00036 Estimating Information from Image Colors: An Application to Digital Cameras and Natural Scenes Image Processing  
GML00037 General Framework to Histogram-Shifting-Based Reversible Data Hiding Image Processing  
GML00038 Latent Fingerprint Matching Using Descriptor- Based Hough Transform Image Processing  
GML00039 Local Directional Number Pattern for Face Analysis: Face and Expression Recognition Image Processing  
GML00040 Noise Reduction Based on Partial-Reference, Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Shrinkage Image Processing  
GML00041 Regional Spatially Adaptive Total Variation Super- Resolution With Spatial Information Filtering and Clustering Image Processing  
GML00042 Reversible Data Hiding With Optimal Value Transfer Image Processing  
GML00043 Robust Hashing for Image Authentication Using Zernike Moments and Local Features Image Processing  
GML00044 Robust Matching and Recognition using Context- Dependent Kernels Image Processing  
GML00045 Analysis Operator Learning and Its Application to Image Reconstruction Image Processing  
GML00046 Points of Interest and Visual Dictionaries For Automatic Retinal Lesion Detection Image Processing  
GML00047 Locality-constrained Linear Coding for Image Classification Image Processing  
GML00048 Context-Dependent Kernel Design for Object Matching and Recognition Image Processing  
GML00049 Hybrid multi-view Reconstruction by Jump-Diffusion Image Processing  
GML00050 Locality-constrained Linear Coding for Image Classification Image Processing  
GML00051 Fabric Defect Detection in Textile Images Using Gabor Filter Image Processing  
GML00052 Reversible Watermarking Based on Invariant Image Classification and Dynamic Histogram Shifting Image Processing  
GML00053 An Ensemble-based System for Micro aneurysm Detection and Diabetic Retinopathy Grading Image Processing  
GML00054 Lost in Binarization: Query- Adaptive Ranking for Similar Image Search with Compact Codes Image Processing  
GML00055 2-Dimensional Wavelet Packet Spectrum for Texture Analysis Image Processing  
GML00056 Discovering Thematic Objects in Image Collections and Videos Image Processing  
GML00057 Image Noise Level Estimation by Principal Component Analysis Image Processing  
GML00058 Retinal vessel segmentation using multi wavelet kernels and multi scale hierarchical decomposition Image Processing  
GML00059 Latent Fingerprint Matching Using Descriptor-based Hough Transform Image Processing  
GML00060 Fabric Defect Detection Using Multilevel Tuned-Matched Gabor Filters Image Processing  
GML00061 Vision based Hand Gesture Recognition Using Finite State Machines and Fuzzy Logic Image Processing