Image Processing

Sr. No. Paper ID Paper Title Year Domain Download
1. GIM00001 A CU-level Rate and Distortion Estimation Scheme for RDO of Hardware-friendly HEVC Encoders Using Low-Complexity Integer DCTs 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
2. GIM00002 A Non-Local Low-Rank Approach to Enforce Integrability 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
3. GIM00003 A Unified Framework for Salient Structure Detection by Contour-Guided Visual Search 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
4. GIM00004 Connected Component Model for Multi-Object Tracking 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
5. GIM00005 Contour Completion without Region Segmentation 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
6. GIM00006 Correlated Logistic Model with Elastic Net Regularization for Multilabel Image Classification 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
7. GIM00007 Deep Saliency Multi-Task Deep Neural Network Model for Salient Object Detection 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
8. GIM00008 Demosaicing based on Directional Difference Regression and Efficient Regression Priors 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
9. GIM00009 Improving Intra Prediction in High Efficiency Video Coding 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
10. GIM00010 Inter-Layer Prediction of Color in High Dynamic Range Image Scalable Compression 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
11. GIM00011 Iterative Refinement of Possibility Distributions by Learning for Pixel-Based Classification 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
12. GIM00012 Joint Segmentation and Deconvolution of Ultrasound Images Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model based on Generalized Gaussian Prio 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
13. GIM00013 Just Noticeable Difference Estimation for Screen Content Images 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
14. GIM00014 Learning Discriminatively Reconstructed Source Data for Object Recognition with Few Example 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
15. GIM00015 Merge Frame Design for Video Stream Switching Using Piecewise Constant Functions 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
16. GIM00016 Multi-view Object Extraction with Fractional Boundaries 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
17. GIM00017 Noise Power Spectrum Measurements in Digital Imaging with Gain Non uniformity Corrections 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
18. GIM00018 Occlusion-Aware Fragment-based Tracking with Spatial-Temporal Consistency 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
19. GIM00019 Online Deformable Object Tracking Based on Structure-Aware Hyper-graph 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
20. GIM00020 Sparse Representation Based Image Quality Index with Adaptive Sub-Dictionaries 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
21. GIM00021 Super-Resolution of Dynamic Scenes using Sampling Rate Diversity 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
22. GIM00022 Towards a No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Statistics of Perceptual Colour Descriptors 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
23. GIM00023 Generalized Coupled Dictionary Learning Approach with Applications to Cross-modal Matching 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
24. GIM00024 Fast Multispectral Imaging by Spatial Pixel-Binning and Spectral Un mixing 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
25. GIM00025 Effective decompression of JPEG document images 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
26. GIM00026 Dual Diversified Dynamical Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model for Video Repairing 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
27. GIM00027 Dimension Reduction with Extreme Learning Machine 2016-17 IMAGE PROCESSING [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
28. GIM00028 4D Ultrasound Tracking of Liver and its Verification for TIPS Guidance 2016-17 Medical image processing
29. GIM00029 Automatic Detection of Cerebral Micro bleeds from MR Images via 3D Convolutional Neural Networks 2016-17 Medical image processing
30. GIM00030 Automatic segmentation of MR brain images with a convolutional neural network 2016-17 Medical image processing
31. GIM00031 Brain Tumor Segmentation using Convolutional Neural Networks in MRI Images 2016-17 Medical image processing
32. GIM00032 Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image Analysis Fine Tuning or Full Training 2016-17 Medical image processing
33. GIM00033 Deep 3D Convolutional Encoder Networks with Shortcuts for Multiscale Feature Integration Applied to Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation 2016-17 Medical image processing
34. GIM00034 Fast convolutional neural network training using selective data sampling Application to haemorrhage detection in color fundus images 2016-17 Medical image processing
35. GIM00035. Joint Reconstruction of Multiple Images and Motion in MRI Application to Free-Breathing Myocardial T2 Quantification 2016-17 Medical image processing
36. GIM00036 Locality Sensitive Deep Learning for Detection and Classification of Nuclei in Routine Colon Cancer Histology Images 2016-17 Medical image processing
37. GIM00037 Numerical inversion of a broken ray transform arising in single scattering optical tomography 2016-17 Medical image processing
38. GIM00038 Pulmonary Fissure Detection in CT Images Using a Derivative of Stick Filter 2016-17 Medical image processing
39. GIM00039 Robust Cell Detection of Histopathological Brain Tumor Images Using Sparse Reconstruction and Adaptive Dictionary Selection 2016-17 Medical image processing
40. GIM00040 Unsupervised deep learning applied to breast density segmentation and mammographic risk scoring 2016-17 Medical image processing
41. GIM00041 A Methodology for Visually Lossless JPEG2000 Compression of Monochrome Stereo Images 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
42. GIM00042 A Probabilistic Approach for Color Correction in Image Mosaicking Applications 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
43. GIM00043 Automatic Face Naming by Learning Discriminative Affinity Matrices From Weakly Labeled Images 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
44. GIM00044 Semantic-Improved Color Imaging Applications: It Is All About Context 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
45. GIM00045 Contextual Online Learning for Multimedia Content Aggregation 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
46. GIM00046 Geolocalized Modeling for Dish Recognition 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
47. GIM00047 Learning to Rank Image Tags with Limited Training Examples 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
48. GIM00048 Multiview Alignment Hashing for Efficient Image Search 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
49. GIM00049 Revealing the Trace of High-Quality JPEG Compression Through Quantization Noise Analysis 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
50. GIM00050 RRW – A Robust and Reversible Watermarking sTechnique for Relational Data 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
51. GIM00051 Saliency-based color accessibility 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
52. GIM00052 Vector Sparse Representation of Color Image Using Quaternion Matrix Analysis 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
53. GIM00053 YouTube Video Promotion by Cross-network Association: @Britney to Advertise gangnam style 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
54. GIM00054 An Attribute-assisted Reranking Model for Web Image Search 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
55. GIM00055 Detection and Rectification of Distorted Fingerprints 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
56. GIM00056 Learning to Rank Image Tags with Limited Training Examples 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
57. GIM00057 RRW – A Robust and Reversible Watermarking Technique for Relational Data 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
58. GIM00058 Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Gradient Profile Sharpness 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
59. GIM00059 Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
60. GIM00060 Click Prediction for Web Image Reranking Using Multimodal Sparse Coding 2015-16 Image Processing
61. GIM00061 Designing an Efficient Image Encryption-Then-Compression System via Prediction Error Clustering and Random Permutation 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
62. GIM00062 Local Directional Number Pattern for Face Analysis: Face and Expression Recognition. 2015-16 Image Processing
63. GIM00063 Reversible Watermarking Based on Invariant Image Classification and Dynamic Histogram Shifting. 2015-16 Image Processing
64. GIM00064 Reversible Data Hiding with Optimal Value Transfer. 2015-16 Image Processing
65. GIM00065 Query-Adaptive Image Search with Hash Codes. 2015-16 Image Processing
66. GIM00067 An Adaptive Cloud Downloading Service. 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
67. GIM00068 Understanding the External Links of Video Sharing Sites Measurement and Analysis. 2015-16 Image Processing
68. GIM00069 Circular Reranking for Visual Search. 2015-16 Image Processing
69. GIM00070 Super-Resolution-based in painting. 2015-16 Image Processing
70. GIM00071 Beyond Text QA: Multimedia Answer Generation by Harvesting Web Information. 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
71. GIM00072 Scalable Face Image Retrieval using Attribute-Enhanced Sparse Code words. 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
72. GIM00073 Bootstrapping Visual Categorization with Relevant Negatives 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
73. GIM00074 An extended visual cryptography scheme without pixel expansion for halftone images 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
74. GIM00075 Image Authentication Using Stochastic Diffusion. 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
75. GIM00076 Hierarchical Super-Resolution-Based in painting. 2015-16 Image Processing
76. GIM00077 Perceptual Video Coding Based on SSIM-Inspired Divisive Normalization. 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
77. GIM00078 Visual Object Tracking Based on Local Steering Kernels and Color Histograms. 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
78. GIM00079 LLSURE: Local Linear SURE-Based Edge-Preserving Image Filtering. 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
79. GIM00080 Local Directional Number Pattern for Face Analysis Face and Expression Recognition 2015-16 Image Processing
80. GIM00081 Selecting a Reference High Resolution for Fingerprint Recognition Using Minutiae and Pores (2011). 2015-16 Image Processing [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
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