5G Mimo

Sr. No. Paper ID Paper Title Year Domain Download
1. 5G00001 Original Symbol Phase Rotated Secure Transmission against Powerful Massive MIMO Eavesdropper 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
2. 5G00002 4G/5G Multiple Antennas for Future Multi-Mode Smartphone Applications 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
3. 5G00003 An Overview of Device-to-Device Communications Technology Components in METIS 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
4. 5G00004 Control-Data Separation Architecture for Cellular Radio Access Networks: A Survey and Outlook 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
5. 5G00005 User Association in 5G Networks: A Survey and an Outlook 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
6. 5G00006 User Scheduling Algorithms in Multiuser Massive MIMO Systems Towards 5G 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
7. 5G00007 Index Modulation Techniques for 5G Wireless Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
8. 5G00008 A high-performance Complexity Reduced Behavioral Model and Digital Predistorter for MIMO Transmitters with Crosstalk 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
9. 5G00009 Power Optimization in 5G Networks: A Step Towards GrEEn Communication 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
10. 5G00010 Coexistence of WiFi and LiFi Toward 5G: Concepts, Opportunities, and Challenges 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
11. 5G00011 On Multiple-Input Multiple-Output OFDM with Index Modulation for Next Generation Wireless Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
12. 5G00012 Wide-Scan MSC-AFTSA Array-Fed Grooved Spherical Lens Antenna for Millimeter-wave MIMO Applications 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
13. 5G00013 Grouping-Based Interference Alignment with IA-Cell Assignment in Multi-Cell MIMO MAC Under Limited Feedback 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
14. 5G00014 Energy Optimization in Dense OFDM Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
15. 5G00015 Assessment of Compliance with RF EMF Exposure Limits: Approximate Methods for Radio Base Station Products Utilizing Array Antennas with Beam-Forming Capabilities 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
16. 5G00016 A Comprehensive Survey of Pilot Contamination in Massive MIMO – 5G System 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
17. 5G00017 Structured Compressive Sensing Based Spatio-Temporal Joint Channel Estimation for FDD Massive MIMO 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
18. 5G00018 MMwave Massive-Mimo-Based Wireless Backhaul for The 5g Ultra-Dense Network 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
19. 5G00019 Energy-Efficient Hybrid Analog and Digital Precoding for MmWave MIMO Systems with Large Antenna Arrays 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
20. 5G00020 5G Ultra-Dense Cellular Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
21. 5G00021 Introduction to the Special Issue on Signal Processing for Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
22. 5G00022 An Overview of Signal Processing Techniques for Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
23. 5G00023 Borderless Mobility in 5G Outdoor Ultra-Dense Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
24. 5G00024 Biological Characteristic Online Identification Technique over 5G Network 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
25. 5G00025 Decentralized and Energy-Efficient Workload Management in Enterprise Clouds 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
26. 5G00026 Easy Network: the way to go for 5G 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
27. 5G00027 Optimized Uplink Transmission in Multi-Antenna C-RAN with Spatial Compression and Forward 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
28. 5G00028 Efficient Mobile Front haul via DSP-Based Channel Aggregation 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
29. 5G00029 Two Stage Constant-Envelope Precoding for Low Cost Massive MIMO Systems 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
30 5G00030 Wideband Millimeter-Wave Propagation Measurements and Channel Models for Future Wireless Communication System Design 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
31 5G00031 Insights and Approaches for Low-Complexity 5G Small-Cell Base-Station Design for Indoor Dense Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
32 5G00032 3D Massive MIMO Systems: Modeling and Performance Analysis 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
33. 5G00033 Energy-Efficient 5G Outdoor-to-Indoor Communication: SUDAS Over Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
34. 5G00034 Exact Max-Log MAP Soft-Output Sphere Decoding via Approximate Schnorr-Euchner Enumeration 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
35. 5G00035 Large-Scale Antenna Operation in Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks: A Partial Centralization Approach 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
36. 5G00036 Energy-Efficient Power Control of Cognitive Femto Users for 5G Communications 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
37. 5G00037 Full-Duplex Self-Backhauling For Small-Cell 5g Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
38. 5G00038 Broad beam for Massive MIMO Systems 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
39. 5G00039 Interference Management in 5G Reverse TDD HetNets with Wireless Backhaul: A Large System Analysis 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
40. 5G00040 Energy Efficient Beamforming in MISO Heterogeneous Cellular Networks with Wireless Information and Power Transfer 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
41. 5G00041 On the feasibility of codebook-based beamforming in millimeter wave systems with multiple antenna arrays 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
42. 5G00042 Adaptive Millimeter Wave Beam Alignment for Dual-Polarized MIMO Systems 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
43. 5G00043 On the Ergodic Capacity of MIMO NOMA Systems 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
44. 5G00044 Integrating Network Function Virtualization with SDR and SDN for 4G/5G Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
45. 5G00045 Spatial Domain Management and Massive MIMO Coordination in 5G SDN 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
46. 5G00046 Analysis of Massive MIMO-Enabled Downlink Wireless Backhauling for Full-Duplex Small Cells 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
47. 5G00047 Inflight Broadband Connectivity Using Cellular Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
48. 5G00048 Backhauling 5g Small Cells: A Radio Resource Management Perspective 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
49. 5G00049 QoS-Aware Cell Association in 5G Heterogeneous Networks with Massive MIMO 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
50. 5G00050 Joint Downlink Cell Association and Bandwidth Allocation for Wireless Backhauling in Two-Tier HetNets with Large-Scale Antenna Arrays 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
51. 5G00051 Sparse Signal Processing Concepts for Efficient 5G System Design 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
52. 5G00052 Low-Complexity Soft-Output Detection for Massive MIMO Using SCBiCG and Lanczos Methods 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
53. 5G00053 A Framework for Transceiver Designs for Multi-Hop Communications with Covariance Shaping Constraints 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
54. 5G00054 Safeguarding 5G Wireless Communication Networks Using Physical Layer Security 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
55. 5G00055 User Association and Interference Management in Massive MIMO HetNets 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
56. 5G00056 Architectures for MIMO-OFDM Systems in Frequency-Selective Mobile Fading Channels 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
57. 5G00057 Alternating Minimization Algorithms for Hybrid Precoding in Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
58. 5G00058 Energy-Efficient Power Control: A Look at 5G Wireless Technologies 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
59. 5G00059 Massive MIMO as a Big Data System: Random Matrix Models and Testbed 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
60. 5G00060 Full Duplex Techniques for 5G Networks: Self-Interference Cancellation, Protocol Design, and Relay Selection 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
61. 5G00061 Expectation Propagation for Near-Optimum Detection of MIMO-GFDM Signals 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
62. 5G00062 Large-Scale Mimo-Based Wireless Backhaul in 5g Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
63. 5G00063 Printed eight-element MIMO system for compact and thin 5G mobile handest 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
64. 5G00064 The New Architecture with Time-Spatial Consistency for 5G Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
65. 5G00065 Energy Efficiency Optimization of 5g Radio Frequency Chain Systems 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
66. 5G00066 Network Synchronization for Dense Small Cell Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
67. 5G00067 Energy Efficient User Association for Cloud Radio Access Networks 2016-17 5G/MIMO [sociallocker][/sociallocker]
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